Thorson-Keenan is the premier pipe, valve and fitting supplier in the Phoenix industrial market. We carry only the highest quality products including: Victaulic, Milwaukee Valves, Conbraco / Apollo Valves and Backflow Preventers, Cooper B-Line Hangers, Keckley Strainers, Victaulic “Vic Press” Stainless Press, and Nibco Copper Press Fittings. Thorson-Keenan also has a full line of carbon steel pipe, weld fittings, malleable and stainless fittings and pipe, copper fittings and pipe, and PVC Schedule 40 & 80 fittings and pipe.

Thorson-Keenan’s staff proudly serves our customers with an experience level that meets or exceeds expectations. Let us show you –


Founded in 1948 as Thorson Supply, we have served Maricopa County with quality products and customer-oriented service. Now operating under the Hajoca umbrella of companies, Thorson-Keenan provides the customer with the feel of a local supplier, while having access to the products you need nationwide.

We specialize in custom pipe fabrication!

Our experienced, in house fabricators can cut, groove and thread carbon steel, ductile iron and copper tubing to your specifications. We can groove carbon steel pipe, up to 20″ in diameter.. Our fast turnaround times ensure that you can get your order on time… every time.